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The W8500BP IC-CAP Device Modeling Platform Bundle provides the basic tools you need to start modeling devices and circuits. It provides the necessary tools to:

  • Control standard DC, AC and LCR instruments used for device modeling (time domain and noise are also included)
  • Create and automate custom measurement procedures and extraction routines
  • Run simulations with ADS and Spice3 simulators provided or link directly to a selection commonly used simulation tools. Run robust optimizations

Turnkey Model Extraction Applications for industry standard models can be added to the Platform Bundle for a more complete solution.

The Device Modeling Platform Bundle consists of the following components:

W8500BP IC-CAP Device Modeling Platform Bundle Components
Model Number Product Name Description
W8501EP IC‑CAP Core Environment The IC-CAP Core Environment provides data management, visualization and programming capabilities (with PEL). It includes MultiPlot & GUI studio, mathematical transforms and macros and the link to SQL Databases.
W8502EP IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis Used in conjunction with W8501, this provides the Advanced Design System (ADS) simulator, robust optimization engines and links to most commonly used simulators.
W8520EP IC-CAP Instrument Connectivity Allows IC-CAP to control all linear instruments: DC, C-V, AC, time and Noise. Drivers for DC Analyzers, C-V Meters & Impedance Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes and Dynamic Signal Analyzers.