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The W8501EP IC-CAP Core Environment is the IC-CAP framework and provides data management, visualization and programming capabilities (with PEL). It includes MultiPlot & GUI studio, mathematical transforms & macros and the link to SQL Databases. 

  • PEL – programming extraction language - enables the creation and automation of measurement and extraction procedures.
  • IC-CAP MultiPlot Studio provides a single window for “n” number of plots, specification of colors, symbols and plot annotation. Buttons placed to the side of each plot provide convenient access to zoom, optimizations/tuners, scaling, error calculations and changes to the X and Y axis. IC-CAP MultiPlot Studio Overview
  • IC-CAP GUI Studio enables the creation of a user interface for automated custom measurement or extraction procedures. These GUIs can be shared with other colleagues or customers so they can easily perform the measurement and extraction steps.
  • SQL Database Link provides a link to MySQL and SQLite database and enables query and import data measured by WaferPro into IC-CAP for modeling.

Other features include a library for convenient access to commonly used mathematical functions, wafer prober drivers and switch matrix drivers.

Wafer Prober Drivers Switch Matrix Drivers
Cascade Summit 10K, 12K Keysight B2200A fA Leakage Switch Matrix
Suss PA200, PA300 Keysight 5250A
ElectroGlas 1034x, 2001x Keysight 4085 A/B and 4089A
TSK APM3000A Keithley 707, 708