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PNA 2-Ports, Single Source with Configurable Test Set (Option 201)

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Key Features & Specifications

• Standard 2-port network analysis with four receivers
• Reversible front panel jumpers for extended dynamic range configuration
• Configurable for high-power measurements with external components


This 2-port test set option comes with a single internal source, a reference and test receivers at each test port, and six front-panel access loops. The loops provide access to the signal path between (a) the source output and the reference receiver, (b) the source output and directional coupler thru arm and (c) the coupled arm of the directional coupler and the port receiver. It also includes a solid-state internal RF transfer switch in the R1 reference-receiver path.

This option provides the capability to improve instrument sensitivity for measuring low-level signals, to reverse the directional coupler to achieve even more dynamic range, or to add components or other peripheral instruments for a variety of applications.