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TS-3000 Smart Meter Functional Test System

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Key Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Up to 4 DUTs Parallel Testing
  • Single Phase & Poly Phase DUT testing
  • Line and Load Regulation, Output Holdup & Voltage Detection Duty Ratio Testing
  • Voltage Reference & Quiescent Power Consumption Testing
  • Capacitor Charge Monitoring & Crystal Oscilllator Testing
  • RF/Microwave Testing for Zigbee, Wi-Fi, WiMax Communication
  • PSEM, FLAG & Serial Communication Testing options
  • Optional Meter LCD Display Optical Inspection Test


The TS-3000 is Keysight's standardized functional test system for Smart Meter manufacturing. With proven instruments and knowledge in manufacturing test and measurement methods, the TS-3000 is capable of fulfilling customer requirements in throughput, test capability and quality. Plus The TS-3000 provides to the smart meter manufacturers a standardized functional test system which offers the values of lower test development and deployment efforts with greater scalability and supportability. All these values are geared towards helping smart meter manufacturers succeed by having a fast, robust, reliable and upgradeable test system with low cost of ownership

Keysight also offers customization projects to fulfill customer needs from areas of fixture builds, optical inspection tests for smart meter LCD display, special instruments requirements to software customization for serial communication tests.


  • Software: TestExec SL 7.1 & TS-5000 System Software 7.1
  • Signal Switching: Up to 3x32 Channel Switch Modules
  • Power Sources: Up to 400W Power Supply
  • Measurement: 6.5 Digit DMM, 2-ch 350 MHz Counter
  • Stimulus: 2 Channel 16-Bit 30 MHz ARB

For more information, please visit: Keysight Smart Meter Test Solutions Product Note