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Key Features & Specifications

  • Hardware-based decoding helps find errors quicker
  • Trigger on specific frame types (Normak, Synch, Startup, Null, All), FrameID, Errors, and cycle number)
  • Synchronize on multiplexed data with cycle-base and cycle-repetition triggering
  • Perform hardware-based pass/fail FlexRay eye-diagram mask testing based on published standards (requires DSOX3MASK mask test option).
  • Precision differential active probes available for the differential FlexRay bus
  • Requires firmware version 2.0 or later


REPLACEMENT PRODUCT: This product has been replaced by package D3000AUTA. This replacement enables multiple software options at once.

Keysight’s FlexRay measurement applications offer integrated FlexRay serial bus triggering, hardware-based decoding and analysis. The FlexRay measurement tools help you more efficiently debug and characterize your FlexRay physical layer network by having the ability to trigger on and time-correlate FlexRay communication with your physical layer signals. And with Keysight’s unique hardware-based decoding you get the fastest update rates available.

Download FlexRay eye-diagram mask files which are based on baud rate and test plane.