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The N6705U is an upgrade model that allows current owners of the N6705C DC power analyzer mainframes to upgrade/retrofit their mainframes. The available options are described below. The prices are available on the “Options & Accessories” tab above. Kits include everything required to install the options. N6705U upgrades apply only to the N6705C.

Upgrade Options:

Option 001 – Add Data Logger
Order N6705U-001 if you ordered your N6705A, N6705B or N6705C mainframe with Option 055 (Delete Data Logger) and would now like to activate the Data Logger. You will receive a code that will enable the Data Logger function in your mainframe.

Option 056 – Add License for 14585A Control and Analysis Software
Order N6705U-056 if you own an N6705C and would like to use it with the 14585A Control and Analysis Software for the DC Power Analyzer. You will receive a code that will enable the license in your mainframe.