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1CN012A Handle Kit 177.0mm H (4U) - Two Front Handles, System II Plus

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Key Features & Specifications

Robust handles for lifting and maneuvering designed to securely attach to Keysight products.

  • Factory-designed to specifically fit Keysight instrument frames and chassis hardware
  • Robust handles useful to lift or maneuver your Keysight asset
  • Versions available for most Keysight products
  • All required mounting hardware included under a single order number
  • Cross-reference maps existing product accessory options to corresponding new handles accessory products

Ordering a handles accessory was never easier. New handles products covering over 200 Keysight products are easy to identify and quickly delivered through distributors or direct sales.

  • Designed to specifically mate with Keysight product frames, there are no significant competitors for these accessories
  • Hardware accessories targeted for customers wishing to apply handles to Keysight products
  • Handles assist in lifting Keysight products or maneuvering them on the bench top 


Handle kit 177.0mm H (4U) - two front handles, System II Plus. This product can serve as a direct replacement for part 5063-3990. This product includes 2 handles, 2 trim strips, metric fasteners.

Order a front handle kit when your instrument does not come with preinstalled handles. Check to make sure your instrument requires handles, as many instruments are supplied with previously installed handles.