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Typically Configured Price US$ 9,450

Typical Configuration

W9072A CDMA2000 measurement application for CXA

  • W9072A-2FP CDMA2000 measurement application for CXA, fixed perpetual license

Typically Configured Price US$ 9,450


Prices for: United States

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Key Features & Specifications

Signal analysis

  • Complies with 3GPP2 Release A, supports IS-95 or cdmaOne and cdma2000 for forward link and reverse link
  • Forward link and reverse link RF transmitter measurements
  • One-button measurements with pass/fail per the standard
  • Runs inside CXA signal analyzer


  • Forward and reverse link: Composite rho and EVM, QPSK EVM, code domain, code domain error, frequency error, time offset and power measurements, and more
  • Automatic detection of forward link signals from radio configuration (RC) 1 to 5
  • Display code domain power (CDP) results in Hadamard or bit-reverse
  • Specify chip and PN offsets, and measurement interval from 1 to 32 PCG (1 PCG=1536 chips)


  • Composite EVM: ±0.5 %
  • ACLR: up to -75 (-79 dBc typical)
  • Power accuracy: ±0.61 dB (at 95th percentile)
  • Analysis bandwidth: up to 25 MHz

Other features

  • License key upgradable
  • Fixed and transportable license available
  • SCPI remote user interface


The cdma2000 /cdmaOne measurement application is one in a common library of more than 25 measurement applications in the Keysight X-Series, an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instrumentation, measurements and software. Transforming the X-Series signal analyzers into standard-based transmitter testers, the application provides fast one-button RF conformance measurements to help you design, evaluate and manufacture your CDMA RF transmitters. The measurement application is fully standard compliant to the 3GPP2 Release A helping you to check your CDMA design with confidence and support manufacturing with single application covering IS95/cdmaOne, cdma2000 technologies for production.

RF transmitter tester

  • Full power and spectrum suite measurements with Pass/Fail indicator: channel power, adjacent channel power, spectrum emission mask (SEM), spurious emissions, occupied bandwidth(OBW) and complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF)
  • Quickly identify different data rates on specified channels with Marker selection. Easily de-spread the code channel signal into its symbol level with symbol power and symbol EVM measurement results, even in the presence of multiple code channels.
  • Easy to verify overall modulation accuracy of a transmitter with all spreading and scrambling problems by using composite rho measurement