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U3003A Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Teaching Solution

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Typically Configured Price US$ 1,633

Typical Configuration

U3003A Electronic instrumentation and measurement

  • U3003A-TR2 Electronic instrumentation and measurement courseware, with training kit and teaching slides

Typically Configured Price US$ 1,633


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Key Features & Specifications


  • Integrated curriculum with a complete set of instruments, instructor’s guide, training kits and lab worksheets.
  • Editable teaching material in MS PowerPoint format for lecturers. 
  • The lab sheets enable students to appreciate different design considerations and approaches by allowing them to experiment with different components. 
  • Problem-based assignments.


The electronic instrumentation and measurement teaching solution serves as a ready-to-teach package in the areas of electronic instrumentation and measurement techniques. It is an excellent Education tool for students to understand an end-to-end measurement system, which includes various sensors, signal conditioning circuits, op-amp circuits, and digital I/Os.
This courseware is designed to impart knowledge in:

  • Measurement principles
  • End-to-end measurement system
  • Introduction to measurement instruments
  • Usage of instrument programming tools
  • Usage of basic instruments

The complete solution setup includes the following instruments:

  • U2761A USB Modular Function Generator
  • U2741A USB Modular Digital Multimeter
  • U2701A USB Modular Oscilloscope
  • E3631A Power Supply

The University Teaching Solution is also available with bench options. Substitute the USB modular instruments U2701A, U2741A and U2761A with their bench counterpart: DSO1000 series oscilloscope, 34405A digital multimeter and 33210A/33220A function/arbitrary waveform generator respectively.

**This teaching solution is not available in Japan