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Key Features & Specifications

State analysis (synchronous sampling)

  • Up to 200M deep.
  • Two data rate options: 4Gb/s on 68 ch with 2.5Gb/s on 132 ch, or 2.8Gb/s on 68 ch with 1.4Gb/s on 132 ch
  • Reliable measurements on eye openings as small as 100 ps by 100 mV

Timing analysis (asynchronous sampling)

  •  Up to 200 ps (5 GHz), 400 M sample deep conventional and transitonal timing analysis (2.5 GHz full-channel / 5 GHz half-channel)
  • 12.5 GHz (80 ps) TimingZoom with 256 K memory


U4154B will replace the U4154A on June 1, 2015.

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 The Keysight U4154A AXIe-based logic analyzer module provides reliable measurements on high-speed digital systems operating up to 4 Gb/s with eye openings as small as 100 ps by 100 mV. 12.5 GHz Timing Zoom with 256K sample memory gives you simultaneous state and high-resolution timing measurements covering a time span of 20 us. Eye scan provides an overview of signal integrity information on all channels in a matter of minutes. 200 M samples of available memory ensure you capture enough system activity to troubleshoot complex systems.