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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

E2688A High-Speed SDA and Clock Recovery for Infiniium series


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Key Features & Specifications


  • Real-time eye diagram display and unfolding to locate failures versus time
  • Real-time eye BER contour
  • Recovered clock display
  • 8b/10b symbol decode and symbol pattern trigger

Clock Recovery:

  • 1st or 2nd order PLL
  • Explicit Clock
  • Golden PLL clock recovery for PCI Express
  • Custom mask editor on oscilloscope to easily and quickly create new masks


  • Setup wizards for full user control over measurement type, clock recovery method and jitter measurement voltage threshold
  • Custom mask template loading


Easily perform mask testing and characterize serial data streams that employ embedded clocks. The E2688A provides mask templates for verifying compliance to computer, communication and datacom standards. You can even characterize proprietary serial buses with the built-in, general purpose golden PLL clock recovery. The real-time eye BER contour feature allows accurate data valid window measurement with components of noise and jitter.

The E2688A is compatible with Keysight 90000A Series, V-Series and Z-Series Infiniium oscilloscopes. For Keysight 9000 and S-Series Infiniium oscilloscopes, the N5384A High-speed Serial Data Analysis (SDA) software is available.

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