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Key Features & Specifications

  • Easy to use report generator
  • The predictive test coverage report is produced without using a completed test program to extract the list of tested components.
  • Features an option to compare test coverage reports from a CAD (or post-processed CAD) and a completed test program. The comparison report is produced in a spreadsheet to facilitate searching, sorting and graphing.


The Keysight Test Coverage Consultant (ATCC) is a Windows PC standalone application installable on to a notebook PC enabling the user to conveniently create test coverage reports on the go.

Keysight Test Coverage Consultant, powered by Aster Technologies’ Testway engine, will objectively review the board CAD files or board test files to generate a comprehensive report using the PCOLA-SOQ metrics.

The software has the intelligence to analyze circuits with Keysight’s In-Circuit test technologies to determine the types of tests available to each component. The user selects the test technologies licensed on the target Keysight In-Circuit test system and the tool will produce the test coverage report using the licensed test features. Selecting or de-selecting the Keysight’s In-Circuit test technologies will alter the test coverage accordingly.

Keysight Test Coverage Consultant can be used as :

  1. A predictive tool to analyze the in-circuit test coverage of a product early in the product life cycle when only CAD layout file is available.
  2. A test strategy analysis tool assisting the test manager to optimize the manufacturing test coverage using a portfolio of available test platforms. And the incremental test coverage value of introducing a new test platform into the existing portfolio.
  3. A test analysis tool to report the actual test coverage of the product after the tests have been generated
  4. A tool to list tests that are generated for a board from CAD layout files. The list of tests can be used to estimate the effort to complete the development of the Keysight In-Circuit test.

The Keysight Test Coverage Consultant is the only automatic tool available in the market providing an objective assessment of your product’s test coverage using the PCOLA-SOQ metrics.