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E8267C-421 Signal Studio for Noise Power Ratio (NPR)

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This product is no longer available

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Signal Studio for Noise Power Ratio software, Rev. - Download now

Create a NPR test stimulus with over 60 dBc notch depth without bandpass filters
Signal Studio for noise power ratio (NPR) is a software application designed to optimize NPR test stimulus generation using the E8267C PSG vector signal generator. Now, a NPR test stimulus is easily configured programmatically using the Signal Studio graphical interface or the built-in COM-based application programming interface (API). The software provides many flexible features to configure a wideband noise signal with a user-defined notch positioned within the noise bandwidth, without using sensitive bandpass filters. Signal Studio for NPR uses an advanced predistortion algorithm to increase the notch dynamic range and improve noise flatness of the NPR test stimulus directly at the input of the device under test. The enhanced signal quality significantly reduces test uncertainty as compared to traditional analog NPR test methods.

Typical applications
Signal Studio for NPR is recommended for simplified NPR test stimulus generation. Common applications include non-linear distortion characterization of components, devices, and systems, such as wideband mixers, multichannel power amplifiers, and satellite communications transceivers.

Evaluate the user interface
Download Signal Studio for NPR to review the user interface and investigate the NPR stimulus creation capabilities of the software prior to purchase. Each E8267C PSG vector signal generator must be licensed separately in order to generate the signals created by the software. To apply the predistortion algorithm, a PSA Series spectrum analyzer is also required.

How to upgrade
If you currently own an E8267C PSG, it can be upgraded to include Option 421 by ordering E8267CK-421.


  • Simplify the test setup, reduce capital equipment costs, and improve test repeatability using digital noise generation techniques
  • Configure a NPR test stimulus with up to 80 MHz noise BW using the PC-based interface
  • Place notch within noise bandwidth without using bandpass filters
  • Apply pre-distortion to enhance signal quality and minimize test uncertainty
  • Notch depth >60 dBc and ± .5 dB noise flatness
  • Correct at offset frequencies and power levels to account for upconverters and amplifiers in the test setup
  • View peak-to-average power statistics by plotting CCDF curve
  • Automate signal configuration and generation using the COM-based API
  • 10BaseT LAN and GPIB connectivity
  • Built-in help provides configuration examples and Visual Basic programming examples