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Option 800,908,909 Rack Mount Options for N3300 Series and 6060B/6063B Electronic Loads Models

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These options provide a rackmount kit of various configurations for these electronic loads. Option 800 is designed for mounting two mainframes side by side. Options 908 and 909 are designed for use with only one instrument mounted across a rack. The kit includes one rack flange, one handle, 4 screws to attach the instrument and 4 rack screws with nuts.

Order this option as part of your original order; -909, -908, or -808. If you are purchasing after you already own the power supply order according to the table below

Power supply model number

Rack mount P/N
(Opt. 908)
Rack-mount Kit
Rack mount P/N
(Opt. 909)
Rack-mount kit with handles
Rack mount P/N
(Opt. 800)
Rack-mount kit for two mainframes side by side
5062-3974C 5063-9219 N/A
N3300A Two p/n 5062-3974
for a N3300A
Two p/n 5062-3975 N/A
N3301A One p/n 5062-3960
for one N3301A, this kit includes a blank filler panel
N/A 5061-9694

Options require either the slide kit (p/n 1494-0059) or support rails (E3663AC) to support the weight of the load mainframe.

For more rackmounting information see Enclosures Solution Product Catalog