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N9064A-2FP Flexible Digital Modulation Analysis Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License

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Key Features & Specifications

Signal analysis

  • Modulation types: FSK, MSK, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, DQPSK, 8PSK, D8PSK, QAM, APSK, VSB 
  • Filter types: RC, RRC, IS-95, Gaussian, EDGE, Rect, Half-sine, user defined, adaptive equalizer 
  • Alpha/BT: 0.05 to 10
  • Presets: >25 (including APCO25 Phase 2, DECT, TETRA, GSM/EDGE, NADC, Bluetooth®, ZigBee, Wi-SUN (MR-FSK PHY)


  • Residual EVM, 1 MHz QPSK signal: <0.5% (platform dependent)
  • EVM, EVM vs. time, EVM vs. frequency, and IQ constellation diagram

Other features

  • Requires option 1FP
  • License key upgradable
  • Transportable license available (Option 2TP)


Option 2FP (replacement of 89601X Option AYA) offers the general-purpose modulation tools you need to evaluate and characterize the performance of your single carrier, single modulation signals.

Evaluate your results with powerful error analysis tools

  • Pinpoint marginal conditions before they become system performance problems 
  • Compare the phase and magnitude of the input signal with an ideal reference signal stream 
  • Analyze average error over time, symbol-by-symbol or as a single percent 
  • Identify systematic impairments with the EVM time or spectrum 
  • Easy-to-use measurement and display tools, such as constellation and eye diagram, EVM traces, and up to four simultaneous displays

Gather more data on signal problems

  • Use the equalizer to identify and remove linear errors, such as non-flat frequency response, multi-path and group delay distortion, from I-Q modulated signals 
  • Use the summarized results tables to uncover DSP errors such as miscoded bits or incorrect filter coefficients