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The IC-CAP Wafer Professional (WaferPro) Measurement Bundle includes all the products needed to run automated DC/CV and RF measurements with WaferPro and the IC-CAP Platform. The bundle includes the IC-CAP W8501EP Software Environment, the LCRZ, DC and AC Measurement drivers and the W8510EP Wafer Professional Software Add-on license. The environment license enables access to the IC-CAP Platform basic features, such as the Programming Extraction Language (PEL), GPIB communications for switch matrix, probers and thermal chucks drivers and graphics. DC drivers provide access to all the DC Analyzers and Keysight Parametric Systems built-in drivers (e.g. E5270B, B1500A, 4156C, 407x and 408x Systems, etc.). LCRZ drivers provide support for different types of CV meters and Impedance Analyzers. Finally, the bundle also includes the W8510EP IC-CAP Wafer professional which enables users to organize and run automated on-wafer test plan.

Note that in order to perform simulations and optimization either within IC-CAP or to run the WaferPro test plan in “simulation” mode, the W8502EP IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis License needs to be added to this bundle.

W8511BP IC-CAP Wafer Professional Measurement Bundle
Model Number Description
W8501EP IC-CAP Core Environment
W8510EP IC-CAP Wafer Professional Add-on Software License
W8520EP IC-CAP Instrument Connectivity

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