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N9071A-2FP GSM/EDGE Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Fast one-button, standards-compliant GSM and EDGE measurements with pass/fail tests
  • Modulation accuracy for GMSK (GSM) and 8 PSK (EDGE) signals: RMS EVM, peak EVM, 95th percentile EVM, phase and frequency error, origin offset suppression and more
  • Transmit power and power vs. time (PvT) with multi-slot capability
  • Output RF spectrum due to modulation and switching
  • TX band spur
  • Multiple measurement views: constellation diagram, PvT with multi-slot plus mixed GSM/EDGE burst capability, rise and fall view of burst, error summary, demodulation bits, spectrum view and numeric view of output RF spectrum, magnitude error vs. symbol, phase error vs. symbol, EVM vs. symbol, plus more
  • License key upgradable
  • Transportable license available (Option 2TP)


Option 2FP allows the GSM/EDGE application to run in the analyzer.