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W6158A CMMB Measurement Application for CXA

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

Signal analysis

  • Supports CMMB standard
  • Transmitter RF measurement
  • One-button measurements with pass/fail per the standard, plus auto detection
  • Runs inside CXA signal analyzer


  • Power measurement: channel power, shoulder attenuation, ACP, CCDF, OBW, SEM
  • Modulation accuracy measurement: constellation, MER/EVM (MER RMS, MER by subcarriers, MER by data, continuous pilot and scattered pilot, MER vs timeslot), frequency error, amplitude error, phase error, quadrature error, amplitude imbalance
  • Channel frequency response, channel impulse response, and spectral flatness
  • Auto detection or manual settings of CMMB signal; provides advanced settings like equalization switch, demod symbols per slot, out-of-band filtering, and clock rate


  • Power accuracy: up to ±0.61 dB (95th percentile)
  • Shoulder attenuation dynamic range: up to 84.5 dB (91.7 dB typical)
  • MER floor: up to 39.4 dB (1 to 39 timeslots 16QAM with EQ off)
  • Analysis bandwidth: up to 25 MHz

Other features

  • License key upgradable
  • Fixed and transportable license available
  • SCPI remote user interface


The CMMB measurement application for the CXA is one of more than 25 measurement applications in the Keysight X-Series, evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instrumentation, measurements, and software, transforming the X-Series signal analyzers into standards-based transmitter testers. The CMMB application provides fast, one-button standard-based power and modulation analysis capabilities to help your design, evaluation, and manufacturing of CMMB modulators, transmitters, amplifiers, tuners, and gap-fillers/repeaters.

RF transmitters, modulators, and components testing

  • One-button measurement helps improve speed with standard presets and auto detection
  • Multiple modulation quality measurements help test the DUT’s full performance
  • Advanced settings help R&D engineer with troubleshooting
  • Remote SCPI commands increase the manufacturing test efficiency

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