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N9073A-XFP Single Acquisition Combined W-CDMA Measurement Application, Fixed Perpetual License

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Key Features & Specifications

  • SCPI-based high speed measurement, up to 20 times faster than traditional one-button approaches
  • Single acquisition of block of data and combined set of measurements on the collected data; no required measurement switching
  • Simultaneous ACP, modulation quality (Rho) and QPSK EVM measurements on captured data
  • Multiple frequency band hopping in a single acquisition
  • List power step measurement for power level calibration at a single frequency or series of frequencies
  • Flexible selection of predefined parameters for easy and customizable measurement setup
  • Supported on MXA and EXA signal analyzers. Currently not compatible with the following Options:
    - B40 (40 MHz analysis bandwidth)
    - MPB (microwave preselector bypass)
    - DP2 (digital processor, 2 GB capture memory)
  • License key upgradable; Transportable license available (Option XTP)


Option XFP single acquisition combined W-CDMA measurement application is a high-speed manufacturing test solution available on X-Series signal analyzers: the MXA and EXA. When testing W-CDMA mobile phone transmitters, wireless components (such as power amplifiers), or other wireless modules, as well as low-cost pico/femto cell base stations, the N9073A-XFP measurement application allows manufacturers to make measurements up to 20 times faster than traditional one-button approaches.