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N1010AT-DCA Support for all DCA mainframe SW options, hosted mode

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Key Features & Specifications

N1010A FlexDCA software with Option DCA is a PC based scope application that:

  • Supports any software option installed on an 86100C DCA-J or 86100D DCA-X, when connected via LAN (hosted operation)
  • Leverages existing investments in software options that have been installed on DCA mainframes


The FlexDCA Application takes the powerful user interface that is integrated into the 86100D DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope and makes it available on a PC. Every FlexDCA application also includes Option DCA at no cost. When connected to an 86100C DCA-J or 86100D DCA-X wide-bandwidth oscilloscope, Option DCA enables a “hosted” mode, meaning it will enable all software options that are installed on the mainframe and make them available on the FlexDCA application on your PC. As a result, Option DCA leverages all software options that were purchased for a mainframe.

For example, if the FlexDCA application (with Option DCA only) is connected to an 86100D DCA-X with 86100D-200 Enhanced Jitter Analysis installed, the FlexDCA will enable jitter mode measurements. When disconnected from an instrument, Option DCA is not used by the FlexDCA software. When disconnected (offline operation), the main application in this example will not support jitter mode measurements. If jitter mode, or any other software feature is desired in offline mode, the appropriate N1010A-xxx software option should be ordered.


N1010A Online vs Offline