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SystemVue 2010.07

SystemVue 2010.07 is an application-oriented release, delivering new products for RADAR and IBIS-AMI model generation. SystemVue 2010.07 also adds greater design flow integration and models in other areas of the product.

SystemVue - Core Platform (W1461)

  • Direct integration of MATLAB as a supplemental equation parser in algorithmic modeling, post-processing, and scripting. Goes beyond co-simulation to allow native entry and editing from within SystemVue, but also leverage the wider language coverage and add-ons to run your existing .m files in SystemVue dataflow simulations without modification.
  • Free runtime access to the Keysight N1010A FlexDCA software for visualization of simulated baseband signals using the “Oscilloscope” and “Eye” measurement personalities (The FlexDCA software is a separate download, estimated availability of September 2010).
  • New co-simulation support with Verilog (Modelsim XE) and ADS Ptolemy (ADS 2009 Update 1 or later).
  • Improved model support for system-level ADC/DAC models, S-parameter data, and updated converter models from Analog Devices.

SystemVue - Optional Libraries

  • New product: W1905 Radar Model Library - Reference blockset for Radar applications that enables system scenario modeling of Radar signal processing interacting with targets, clutter, fading, jamming, interference, RF impairments, and links to test equipment. Product includes productivity assistance. For more information, refer to the SystemVue Radar Model Library.
  • New Product: W1714 AMI Modeling Kit - Provides top-down electronic system-level (ESL) interface to gigabit SerDes design. Includes IBIS-AMI equalization and channel blockset for TX and RX, standard-compliant IBIS-AMI model generation. Product includes productivity assistance. For more information, refer to the W1714 AMI Modeling Kit.
  • W1910/W1912 LTE libraries - Now generates E-UTRA test models for both TDD & FDD, as defined in TS 36.141. Also able to export Win32 DLLs, for use with external platforms.
  • W1715 MIMO Channel Builder - Now offers direct import of 2D and 3D farfield radiation patterns from Keysight EMPro 2010, to allow link-level throughput degradation of 4G systems with up to 8x8 MIMO arrays.

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