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Key Features & Specifications

InfiniiSim-DCA (Option SIM) provides:

  • De-embedding and embedding of fixtures, cables, probes, and other circuit elements
  • Improved measurement margins and insight
  • Simultaneous display of measured and simulated waveforms
  • Scope, eye and jitter measurements on simulated signals

Easy, flexible and intuitive to use

  • Network setups are performed easily using an intuitive graphical interface
  • Flexible – from simple insertion loss removal/addition to accounting for all reflections between circuit elements
  • Completely integrated, no external scripts required to generate de-embed files
  • Display any combination of measured or simulated nodes at the same time, ideal for “what-if” experiments

InfiniiSim-DCA allows users to describe circuit elements using a variety of methods:

  • Import S-Parameter files (Touchstone, .cit, or .cti formats) from a TDR, VNA, or design/simulation software such as ADS
  • Define an RLC network using the built-in editor
  • Enter a transmission line’s characteristic impedance and propagation delay
  • Define a circuit element as a simple Thru or Open

Option SIM is available two ways: Integrated (86100D only) or PC-based (86100C or 86100D).

  • 86100D DCA-X Option SIM: an integrated solution that provides a complete one-box solution
  • N1010A FlexDCA Option SIM: a PC-based application for maximum flexibility, including offline analysis
  • Same capabilities provided by both 86100D-SIM and N1010-SIM
  • Both versions include a built-in waveform simulator with jitter and noise injection that can be used for de-embedding “what-if” scenarios


InfiniiSim-DCA for the 86100 Series DCA wide-bandwidth oscilloscope offers de-embedding, embedding and virtual probing capabilities that help engineers characterize high-speed digital designs more thoroughly and with improved margins.

A Complete S-Parameter Measurement and De-Embedding Solution

Circuit models that you want to de-embed (or embed) may be obtained using TDR, such as the Keysight 54754A TDR/TDT module, VNA, or design/simulation software. It is also possible to describe models using built-in features that allow you to describe RLC networks or transmission line characteristics.

InfiniiSim DCA Setup

A Proven, Easy-to-Use Solution

Leveraged from the Keysight N5465A InfiniiSim software designed for the 9000 Series and 90000 Series real-time oscilloscopes, InfiniiSim-DCA provides the most flexible and accurate means to simulate waveforms anywhere in the digital link. The intuitive graphical interface and stored setups also make it easy to configure your simulation. From a simple insertion loss removal to a more complex design that takes into account reflections between circuit elements, InfiniiSim-DCA covers any scenario.

InfiniiSim DCA Network Setup

Two Different Option SIMs from which to Choose: Instrument or PC-Based

For maximum flexibility, InfiniiSim-DCA is available as an integrated solution for the DCA-X (Option SIM), or as an option to N1010A FlexDCA, a PC-based application that can be used with both the 86100C DCA-J and 86100D DCA-X.

InfiniiSim DCA Two Options

86100D-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA – a complete one-box de-embedding solution for the DCA-X.
To order InfiniiSim-DCA with a new DCA-X purchase, order 86100D-SIM. If you have already purchased an 86100D DCA-X mainframe, order 86100DU-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA Upgrade software.

N1010A-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA – provides a flexible PC-based de-embedding solution for any number of 86100 Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscopes
To order InfiniiSim-DCA with a new N1010A FlexDCA purchase, order N1010A-SIM. If you have already purchased N1010A FlexDCA software for your PC, order N1010AU-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA Upgrade software.