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Key Features & Specifications

  • Powerful & flexible Capability: Basic measurements are built in and you can add packages as needed.
  • Consistent results: Use in Design to simulate & analyze signals, in the Lab to characterize prototypes, in Production and in Support to operate equipment remotely.
  • Support multiple platforms: FlexDCA ships in every DCA-X frame or install it on a PC for stand-alone use or to control a DCA-M.


Keysight’s N1010A FlexDCA is the software that runs Keysight’s DCA family of sampling oscilloscopes (also known as equivalent-time oscilloscopes). A Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA) is an instrument designed to visualize and analyze the analog properties of high-speed signals like the ones used in wireline telecom and datacenter links.

FlexDCA is installed at the factory on DCA-X mainframes but can also be installed on a PC to control a DCA-M or remotely control a DCA-X.

In addition to the data acquisition and basic measurement capability provided by the N1010A FlexDCA software, Keysight offers a large selection of software tools that provide powerful additional capabilities:

  • N1010100A, Research and Development Package for FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software – This package is Intended for R&D engineers who want to characterize their design and gain more insights into why a signal deviates from the expected performance.
  • N1010200A, Manufacturing Package for FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software -This package focuses on cost of test in Optical Transceiver manufacturing applications with capabilities like RapidEye and FlexEye that enhance measurement speed and flexibility and includes measurements like TDECQ.
  • N1010300A, Signal Integrity Package for FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software - This package adds powerful tools to measure impedances, transfer characteristics and S-parameter calculations to the basic TDR/TDT measurements.

For a mapping of the Legacy FlexDCA feature based options to each of the software packages available and a summary of system requirements and supported instruments, click here (software package details).

Designed for validation/verification engineers, Keysight offers a variety of compliance and debug applications for DCA-X and DCA-M platforms:

  • DCA Compliance Applications – leveraging FlexDCA SW Packages, these SW applications save time and money by automating PHY level characterization of key parameters outlined in Standards such as Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), OIF-CEI (CEI-4.0), and others

Designed for production test applications, Keysight offers a software development kit (SDK) designed to reduce the test time for optical PAM4 designs such as 400G/800G transceivers:

  • N1094BS1A, PAM4 Measurement SDK – this software reduces test time for optical TX test by disaggregating signal acquisition and PAM4 analysis compute tasks onto different physical or virtual machines (no FlexDCA SW Packages required).