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Pulsed-RF Measurement Capability (Option 008)

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Adds narrowband pulse detection to PNA and PNA-X Series network analyzers
  • Used for pulsed S-parameter and pulsed-antenna measurements
  • Perform point-in-pulse measurements with pulses as narrow as 30 ns
  • Perform pulse-profile measurements with gate widths as narrow as 20 ns


Point-in-pulse, and pulse-profile measurements are essential for radar and electronic warfare components and subsystems, as well as for antenna and radar-cross-section characterization.

For the PNA-X Series, Option 008 extends the pulse measurement capability to pulse widths below 267 ns, which is the limit for the standard wideband detection mode. The PNA-X is a complete pulsed-RF solution with built-in pulse generators and modulators, so external test sets are not required.

For the PNA Series, Option H08 augments the PNA's average-pulse measurement capability by adding internal receiver gates which are necessary for point-in-pulse and pulse-profile measurements. The application also provides fast measurements using Keysight’s patented spectral-nulling technique. Keysight offers external pulse test sets that include one or two RF modulators, plus optional amplifiers, directional couplers, and switches. Option H08 requires Option H11 (IF access) for E8362/3/4B or E8362/3/4C models.

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