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Key Features & Specifications

Scenario creation

  • Include up to 8 satellite channels
  • Specify location, start date/time, and duration (up to 24 hours)
  • Simulate stationary or moving GPS receivers
  • Automatic or manual selection of satellites to include in scenario

Additional scenario parameters

  • Apply elevation mask or preset ionospheric and tropospheric models
  • Include antenna model
  • Scenario editing functions
  • Output A-GPS assistance data and ephemeris files

Other features

  • PC-based software creates scenario files that can be downloaded directly to the E4438C or saved to memory
  • Requires E4438C-409 GPS personality
  • Online documentation (HELP)


Easily create custom GPS scenarios

Simple user interface allows you to easily create GPS scenario files for a desired location, date, and time. Both stationary and moving GPS receiver scenarios can be created. Trajectory information for moving GPS receiver scenarios are input in the form of NMEA GGA format files. For situations where more than 8 satellites are visible at a location, the software can automatically select which ones to include, or the user can choose them manually.

Add more details to the scenarios

An elevation mask angle can be defined to select only satellites that are above a certain angle over the horizon to be included. Preset tropospheric and ionospheric models for W-CDMA or cdma2000® test cases can be applied. An antenna pattern can also be defined to apply a gain mask to the satellite signals.

Typical application

Use the scenario generator software to create scenario files that can be transferred directly to the E4438C signal generator using a LAN interface, or saved to the PC’s memory for later transfer. The E4438C must have licenses for Option 422 and Option 409 in order to use the scenario files created by this software.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.