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W2343EP Momentum Distributed Computing Eight-Pack Element

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The Momentum Distributed Computing Eight-Pack Element accelerates the simulation of Momentum G2 by over 6x by running up to 8 parallel simulations of Momentum on 8 nodes of a compute cluster. This is especially useful for large simulations of complex boards or packages for signal integrity applications.

Unlike other planar standalone EM simulators with restrictive rectangular grid meshes or socket-based integration with inconsistent user interfaces, Momentum G2 and the Momentum Distributed Computing Eight-Pack Element provide the most efficient and fastest 3D planar EM simulation capability integrated with the industry’s most capable Advanced Design System platform through a common design entry, simulation and optimization user interface. This guarantees you to consistently deliver optimal designs at peak efficiency.

Configuration Information:

  • Requires separate compute cluster management system such as LSF and SunGrid.
  • Requires the Momentum Simulator in the Momentum G2 Element.

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