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Key Features & Specifications

  • Seamless wavelength coverage: the new options 3xx remove the wavelength gap between the C-band and L-band channels
  • Compact instrument format with one-half 19-inch width and one-unit height;
  • Adjustable to any wavelength grid (ITU-T 100 GHz, 50 GHz, 25 GHz, and arbitrary grids)
  • Narrow linewidth less than 100 kHz and offset-grid tuning greater than ±6 GHz ideally suited for coherent mixing applications and new complex modulation formats
  • Up to +15 dBm output power, with 6 dB power adjustment range
  • Equipped with Panda polarization maintaining fiber


The Keysight N7711A and N7714A tunable lasers are single-port and four-port sources, available with C-band or L-band wavelength coverage. The narrow linewidth and offset grid fine-tuning capability make them ideal sources for realistic loading of the latest transmission systems. All models can reach any wavelength point within their specified wavelength range just like all other Keysight tunable lasers. In this mode, code compatibility with existing test setups based on Keysight's range of full-size and compact tunable lasers is a great asset. In system loading applications, it may be preferable to grid-tune the lasers like system transmitters, simply by changing the channel index. The channel grid is adjustable to standard ITU-T grid spacing like 50 GHz, and to arbitrary grids. Likewise, the zero frequency (base channel) of the chosen grid is adjustable. A 12 GHz fine-tuning range allows de-tuning the frequency.