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Z2090B-030 Space Ground Link Test System

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Capability to modulate ternary data and clock command signals and perform AM/FSK or BPSK modulation and signal up conversion to S band
  • RF and digital switches and components used to automatically route signals to the appropriate inputs and outputs for automated test set operation
  • BER Testing
  • RF components such as filters, couplers, and attenuators are installed to perform the necessary signal conditioning of the RF waveforms for both the command and telemetry RF signals.
  • Uplink frequency range of 1760 – 1840 MHz
  • Downlink frequency range of 2200 – 2300 MHz


The Space Ground Link System (SGLS) Test Set is used to perform command (CMD) and telemetry (TLM) signal processing between a satellite control computer and a satellite Unit Under Test (UUT). The test set will further provide switch routing and measurement equipment to verify signal integrity and system performance. Signal conversion equipment will be used to emulate the satellite ground station hardware for control and status of the UUT.

The SGLS is a platform product with basic capability. It is designed to allow Keysight’s AD Systems team to modify it for specific customer applications if required.

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