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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

W1327BT Genesys Core, Synthesis, Circuit, EM time-based license

  • R-37B-001-L 12 months LTU, upgrades and support - node-locked
    • E8900K-030 USB hardware key for EEsof 2011 or later version software and 64 bit OS


Prices for: United States

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Core Linear Simulation, Schematic, Layout, Instrument Link
  • Nonlinear Simulation & X-parameters
  • EM Simulation
  • Complete circuit synthesis with custom filters, matching, mixers, equalizers, oscillators, signal control & PLL


Genesys RF and Microwave Design SoftwareThe W1327BT is the time-based license option for the W1327BP Genesys Core, Synthesis, Circuit, EM Bundle.

To learn more about the W1327BP, click the Options & Accessories tab above to view Related Software Products.

Key Building Blocks of the Genesys Core, Synthesis, Circuit, EM Bundle
Building Block Description
Genesys Core Core design environment, linear simulator, optimization, layout, 3D view, statistics
Genesys Synthesis Synthesis for passive and active components, includes Genesys Filter & Match
Genesys Circuit Circuit time- & frequency-domain nonlinear simulators
Genesys EM EM Planar 3D electromagnetic simulator (Momentum GXF)

Learn more about Genesys Key Building Blocks on the Genesys Product Structure & Options Summary.