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E2150B 43G Electrical/Optical BER Test System

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This product is no longer available

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The E2150B has been obsoleted. Information on this page is for support purposes only. View Keysight's latest 40G ParBERT Systems

The E2150B 43G Electrical/Optical BER Test System is a fully integrated turnkey scalable solution that provides electrical or optical streams up to 43G. The E2150B uses Keysight's most advanced instruments for testing 40G electrical or optical modules and components for 40G digital transmission lines. The 43G system helps component manufacturers analyze the actual bit error rate (BER) introduced by individual 40G components, line cards or complete systems.

The E2150B modular platform is based around the Keysight ParBERT 81250 43G, E4894A 2.7G or E4896A 3.35G pattern generator bundle, E4895A 2.7G or E4897A 3.35G error detector bundle, optical instrumentation, cabling, rack, PC and software. The system generates standard pseudo random binary sequences (PRBS) and user-defined patterns on serial interfaces and can analyze bit error ratios with user-defined patterns or PRBS. The E2150B is a system that tests OC-768 systems and line cards due to its emulation capability of static OC-768 SONET and STM-256 SDH frames.

The Keysight E2151B is a 43G Optical Upgrade BER test system that allows customers who already own electrical ParBERTs to upgrade their ParBERTs to a fully integrated electrical/optical BER test system.

The 43G BER test system platform comes standard with PC, software and all of the electrical and optical instrumentation and required cables in one fully tested two-meter rack with an 18" flat panel monitor on a swing arm mount. Also standard is optimization of the system rack layout, cables, instrument placement, thermal flow, and device under test (DUT) interface panel. Sixteen 2.7G or 3.35G individual channels are brought out to a customer panel for connection to the user's DUT or wrapped back to the 43.2G multiplexer for generation of a single serial data stream. The 2.7G or 3.35G channels for the error detector are also routed to the customer panel.

  • Electrical/Optical Measurement Capabilities:
  • With the addition of one of the optical options, the E2150B has the capability of measuring either electrical or optical inputs or outputs.
  • MUXs/DeMUXs
  • Electrical to Optical Devices
  • Optical to Electrical Devices
  • Optical Only Devices, Electrical Only Devices
  • OR any combination of the above