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Key Features & Specifications

  • 20,000 counts resolution with dual display.
  • Simple operation with one button access to make inductance, capacitance and resistance measurements.
  • Visible and audible tolerance mode for easy capacitor sorting.
  • Choice of two different testing frequencies.
  • Records Minimum, Maximum and Average readings.
  • Relative mode and Data Hold function.
  • Automatic calculation of dissipation and quality factors.
  • 3-year warranty standard with every unit.


Sharing a bench LCR meter is practical, but isn’t always convenient. With Keysight’s new line of handheld LCR meters, you can perform quick, basic LCR measurements at your convenience. Better yet, our handheld models extend the tradition of our industry-leading benchtop units to a lower price point. Now, everyone on your team can be equipped for passive-component testing—on the bench or on the go—without the wait.

The U1731B is now available, with the same outstanding performance and reliability of the U1731A, but in bright orange casing. Designed to give maximum visibility, the vivid color underlines Keysight commitment to safety in each of its handhelds.

Check out which handheld is the right one for you.

View showcase of the all-new orange handhelds.

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For more information about Handheld Capacitance and LCR Meters, please visit Keysight U1700 Series Handheld Capacitance and LCR Meters.