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U9820A-012 New Enhanced Dynamic Contact Module (DCM II)

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Key Features & Specifications

  • 3x higher loading capacity
  • Easy, quick tip exchange
  • Extends range of load-displacementexperimentation


The Dynamic Contact Module II (DCM II) option offers all of the impressive performance afforded by Keysight’s original DCM option as well as several new advantages, including 3x higher loading capability, easy tip exchange for quick removal and installation of application-specific tips, and a wider range of indenter travel.

As a fully dynamic indentation head for ultra-low-load mechanical properties characterization, the DCM II extends the range of load-displacement experimentation down to the surface contact level. With this option, researchers can study not only the first few nanometers of an indentation into the surface of a material, but even the pre-contact mechanics. It provides the lowest noise floor of any instrument of its type, ensuring the best indenter resolution available.