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1GG7-8045 2-26.5 GHz Traveling Wave Amplifier

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Wide–Frequency Range: 2–26.5 GHz
  • Moderate Gain: 7.5 dB
  • Gain Flatness: ± 1 dB
  • Input Return Loss: –17 dB
  • Output Return Loss: –14 dB
  • Low–Frequency Operation Capability: < 2 GHz
  • Gain Control: 30 dB Dynamic Range
  • High Power: P–1dB of 26 dBm @ 20 GHz; P–1dB of 23 dBm @ 26 GHz


The 1GG7-8045 is a broadband GaAs MMIC Traveling Wave Amplifier designed for high output power and moderate gain over the full 2 to 26.5 GHz frequency range. Seven MESFET cascode stages provide a flat gain response, making the 1GG7-8045 an ideal wideband power block. E–beam lithography is used to produce gate lengths of ~0.3 mm. The 1GG7-8045 incorporates advanced MBE technology, Ti–Pt–Au gate metallization, silicon nitride passivation, and polyimide for scratch protection.

Keysight 1GG7-8045 does not contain any intentionally added RoHS substances above permitted maximum thresholds.

All HMMC parts are manufactured in Santa Rosa, California using Keysight´s reliable instrument grade GaAs process.

(1Gxx products are for sale to select customer only)