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1GC1-8235-BLK 20 GHz Packaged Limiter

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Two Independent Limiters for Single–ended or Differential Signals
  • Can be Biased for Adjustable Limit Level and Signal Detection
  • Minimum Group Delay


The 1GC1-8235-BLK is a 20 GHz integrated diode limiter that can be used to protect sensitive RF circuits from excess RF power, DC transients, and ESD. Two limiters are provided on–chip to enable single–ended or differential use.

The 1GC1-8235-BLK can be used as an unbiased 10 or 18 dBm passive limiter; it also provides adjustable limiting and peak power detection capabilities.

The 1GC1-8235-BLK has been designed for minimal insertion loss. Group delay characteristics have been optimized to allow use in millimeter–wave analog and gigabit digital designs.

All HMMC parts are manufactured in Santa Rosa, California using Keysight´s reliable instrument grade GaAs process.

The 1GC1-8235-BLK is available in strips of 10 (each), and multiples of 10.
Note: For reels of 100, and multiples of 100, see 1GC1-8235- TR1