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Key Features & Specifications

Quickly and easily identify signal integrity issues

  • Application scans through as many as one thousand acquired waveforms per second
  • Isolate anomalous signal behavior
  • Capture anomalies that hardware-based solutions can´t find

Standard InfiniiScan Features

  • Measurement Finder sets boundary conditions to specified measurement and finds them
  • Zone Quality Finder draws a "must pass" and "must not pass" zone on scope screen
  • Generic Serial Finder sets up 80-bit serial pattern for scope to identify
  • Non-monotonic Edge Finder identifies non-monotonic edges caused by reflections

Additional Standard InfiniiScan Features

  • Runt Finder identifies under-sized signal pulses
  • Measurement Limit Test counts violations against specified measurement value
  • Set up to five different triggering conditions over all channels

Product Compatibility

  • 80000 Series oscilloscopes (Option N5414A)
  • 54850 Series oscilloscopes (Option N5414A)


A 100-ps glitch, a non-monotonic edge and 80-bit serial patterns. No hardware solutions were capable of capturing any of these signals, but with InfiniiScan you can. Keysight Technologies' InfiniiScan event identification software allows you to quickly and easily identifies signal integrity issues in your electronic designs. This innovative software scans through thousands of acquired waveforms per second to help you isolate anomalous signal behaviors.