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Key Features & Specifications

  • New W1718 C++ Code Generator exports signal processing block diagrams to C++ source code
  • W1719 RF System Design Kit adds X-parameter* model support to Spectrasys
  • New W1715 MIMO Channel modeling kit adds new accurate 4G WINNER fading profiles, with EM-accurate crosstalk and physical degradations
  • New W1716 Digital Pre-Distortion modeling kit linearizes LTE and WCDMA power amplifiers
  • Update libraries for W1914 DVB-2 and W1910 LTE. LTE support moves to v.8.9 (Dec2009)
  • Good news for SystemVue 2007 upgraders! The following are now included free with the new base W1461 SystemVue 2010 platform:
    - Compiled model export for Win32 .DLL and ADS 2009U1 Ptolemy .PL files. Effectively replaces the W1705 APG feature
    - Configurable reference blocksets for Zigbee and OFDM, with full TX, RX, and link-level simulations. Provides coverage of the older W1808 and W1809 wireless networking libraries
    - Windows 7 Support, 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Win 7 Pro & Ultimate


SystemVue 2010.01 includes a number of new and improved features and capabilities to both the core platform and the optional libraries.

SystemVue 2010SystemVue - Core Platform (W1461)

NEW: OFDM and Zigbee Reference Model Set

  • Supports generic OFDM modeling in many wireless standards, including 802.11a,b,g,n
  • Functions as a free, built-in IP reference library for custom RX/TX signal creation & analysis, verification, and measurement equipment

NEW: Export of compiled .DLL

  • Export your blocks as a compiled Win32 .DLL for reuse in other programs, including ADS Ptolemy (version 2009 Update 1 or later). This export capability is included free with the core SystemVue platform for all users
  • Leverage your IP and Keysight's IP into other environments and design flows
  • The exported .DLL executable files share your SystemVue W1461 license as they execute in other environments
  • The W1718 C++ Model Generator (see new products, below) removes the licensing and exposes the source code, for maximum leverage and transportability

SystemVue 2010.01

Improved C++ Modelbuilder

  • Support all types of input/output ports: real and complex, scalar and matrix
  • Support for user defined fixed point models
  • Support for type converters
  • User interface for easy model development and debugging

Improved HDL Cosimulation

  • Support Verilog HDL cosimulation
  • Improved HDL cosim UI

Improved Signal Studio file reader

  • Select from a library of standard Signal Studio waveform files

Improved Math Language

  • Improved string manipulation functions

Improved Schematic Wiring

  • Improved and more robust wiring usability
  • Improved debugging when there are wiring errors

Additional application examples

  • Improved Zigbee examples, including receivers and BER

SystemVue - Optional Libraries


New Product: W1718 C++ Code Generator

  • Builds on the SystemVue Modelbuilder interface
  • Converts a SystemVue schematic into license-free C++ source code, for easy user modification, integration with other design flows, and compilation on other OS's
  • Useful for linking to the Spectra CX platform from PrismTech, for SCA-compliant software-defined radio waveform development

New Product: W1715 MIMO Channel Builder

  • Implementation of WINNER and WINNER-II MIMO channel models
  • Ability to import antenna pattern data for each radiator, allowing realistic crosstalk and MIMO impairments

New Product: W1716 Digital Pre-Distortion Builder

  • Wizard-based extraction of nonlinear behavioral model using live 4G vector-modulated signals
  • Creates a digital pre-distortion network with built-in crest-factor reduction to achieve 20dB improvement in ACP for 4G
  • Interacts with either test equipment or simulations to reduce memory effects and improve Throughput, EVM

Upgrades to Existing Products


W1719 RF System Design Kit ("Spectrasys")

  • New support for Keysight X-parameter based models extracted from nonlinear RF hardware and circuit simulations
  • RF_Link support for parameter sweeps

X-parameter Suppport for DSP Engineers and RF Architects

W1903 Fixed-Point Library

  • Full ModelBuilder support for user-defined fixed-point models
  • Support fixed-point model results display in the Fixed Point Analysis table

W1717 Hardware Design Kit

  • New user-defined HDL models - integrate your own HDL-generation with Fixed-point models and HDL Code Generator

W1910/W1912 LTE Baseband Libraries

  • Updates to v8.9 of ETSI 3GPP LTE standard
  • Support PRACH Detection

W1914EP DVB-2 Baseband Verification Library

  • DVB-S2 downlink receiver with LDPC decoder
  • Updated DVB-S2 examples with BER
  • New DVB-T2 source

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