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W2633B DDR2 X8 BGA Command and Data Probe for Logic Analyzer and Scope - 4 Probe Set

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Electrically and mechanically non-intrusive connection to all signals between a 16900 Series logic analysis system and DDR2 x8 DRAMs
  • Access to DDR2 signals in existing designs without need for re-design or up front planning
  • Ability to use either leaded or lead-free solder
  • Measurement accuracy and signal integrity insight via DDR2/DDR3 eye finder and eye scan

Signal Access

  • Control, command, address, and data buses for one x8 DRAM when used with E5384A ZIF probe
  • Data bus for one x8 DRAM when used with E5826A ZIF probe
  • Quantity of W2633B BGA probes and ZIF probe(s) depends on DRAM type, data width, and buses being probed

Compatible With

  • DDR2 BGA packages: x8 (84 ball) all signals
  • 16950B logic analyzers for DDR2 speeds ≤667 MT/s and 16962A logic analyzer for all speeds (see data sheet for quantity of logic analyzer modules)
  • B4621A DDR2/DDR3 Bus Decoder B4621AB
  • B4622A DDR2/DDR3 Protocol Compliance and Analysis Tool B4622AB


  • E5384A ZIF probe to access control, command, address, and data buses for one x16 DDR2 DRAM and provide connection to logic analyzer E5384A
  • E5826A ZIF probe to access the data bus for one x16 DDR2 DRAM and provide connection to logic analyzer E5826A
  • Minimal keep out volume (KOV) for flexible "wings" with ZIF connections - refer to installation guide


Best in Test 2009 award winners

The Keysight DDR2 BGA probe for logic analyzer and scope enables viewing of data traffic on industry standard DDR2 DIMMs with the Keysight U4154A and 16900 Series logic analysis systems, and 80000/90000 Series scopes.

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