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DriveThru test allows users to use VTEP technology to test devices through series components, such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. DriveThru extends the capabilities of VTEP by providing a means to test integrated circuits and/or connectors when there is no test access directly to them. Instead, it uses the test access at the other end of the series component to drive the stimulus that it needs. This has the effect of enabling VTEP test and at the same time test the presence of the series component.

It is particularly suited for high node count board designs in which small-valued series damping resistors are placed at driver pins to absorb reflections in high-speed digital designs.
TIP : Typically resistor packs are used. A good DFT tip is to reserve test access on both ends of one of the child resistor for analog measurement. The rest of the child resistors are tested with DriveThru. This way, users now have a means to detect presence/conductivity of each child resistor in the pack and have a representative measurement of the resistance value while at the same time reducing the test access needed. Same tip applies for capacitors and inductors.

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