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N1169A-003 Cover-Extend Technology

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Compliant to IEEE 1149.1, 1149.6 standards
  • CET card : Input supply 12Vdc


Cover-Extend Technology (CET) is a hybrid between VTEP and boundary scan. It draws the best from what each technology offers and enhances the overall capability of Keysight in-circuit test systems.

How does it work?

  1. The VTEP sensor, which is able to capacitatively pick up stimulus signals, is placed on the component to be tested (e.g. a connector)
  2. Traditional VTEP methodology required physical test access (i.e. test probes) to deliver this stimulus signal. However, with Cover-Extend, the stimulus signal is delivered via a boundary scan device.
  3. The boundary scan device does not require test probes on every pin.
  4. As per the IEEE 1149.x standard, using only the test access port, users can deliver the necessary stimulus signal to the connector.
  5. A defect (e.g. an open) on the path between the boundary scan device and the VTEP sensor will affect the stimulus signal that is bound for the sensor.
  6. The result is captured and diagnosed by the ICT system and thus, the defect is detected!

Cover-Extened Technology

Key benefits of Cover-Extend

  • Test coverage without test access
  • Lower cost of test with savings from fixturing and ICT test resources
  • Improved board quality from reduced strain on strain-sensitive packages (e.g BGAs)


Cover-Extend Technology (CET) card
VTEP Mux card (VTEP v2.0 Powered! READY)
USB Interface Kit
VTEP sensor plate and amplifier board

Medalist i3070 software ver.07.20p and above
CET software license

Product Numbers Available For Order

VTEP Products Description
VTEP Products Description N4300-66534 CET (Cover-Extend Technology) Signal-conditioner card (pack-of-1)
N4300-66534 CET (Cover-Extend Technology) Signal-conditioner Card (pack-of-1)
N1169A-001 USB Interface Kit (Complete) 
N1169A-002 USB Interface Kit (Module Add-ons) 
N1169A-003 CET Bundle#1
N1169A-004 CET Bundle#2
N4300A Signal Conditioning MUX Card (Qty : 10)
N4301A Probe Active Electronics (Qty : 50)
N4302A 1.2 Inch Passive Sensor Plate (Qty : 100)
N4303A 2.5 Inch Passive Sensor Plate (Qty : 50)
N4306A 0.5 X 6.0 Passive Sensor Plate (Qty : 50) 
N4311A Small Probes (Qty : 50)
N4312A Small Probes (Qty : 250)
N4313A Probes (Qty : 250)

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