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System Spares Onsite Agreement

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Minimizes inventory set-up costs
  • Enables access to a spare parts kit right at your site
  • Eliminates parts delivery time
  • Accelerates repair time
  • Annual audit to ensure the integrity of your spare parts kit
  • Option to buy out the spare parts kit after the first year of the agreement


Keysight System Spares Onsite Agreement provides you peace of mind if your test system does break down. You have the confidence of knowing you have immediate access to spare parts at your site, whenever you need them.

Keysight System Spares Onsite Agreement is flexible, affordable, and tailored to meet your ultimate system uptime needs. It is designed to supplement our Cooperative and Onsite Support Agreements, to offer you the following benefits so your test system can get up and running quickly.

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