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Limited Parts Agreement

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Defective parts repair or exchange service
  • Flexible maintenance cost based on estimated consumption
  • Maintenance cost distributed over the duration of one year
  • Keysight provides tracking and administration of the credits, with monthly utilization reports on parts usage and credit balance
  • Credits are tied to part categories of similar value or function
  • Parts from Keysight are guaranteed and fully tested by Keysight’s stringent quality requirements
  • Keysight repaired or exchanged parts come with a 90 days warranty


Restore your test system with genuine parts for optimal uptime. Keysight understands these difficult challenges that manufacturers face, and has designed the Limited Parts Agreement – a new affordably-priced support program targeting our customers’ special needs.

Two agreement options are available, depending on the customer’s preference:

  1. Return-to-Keysight Repair Service Agreement (RTA) – A defective part is brought back to Keysight for repair and thereafter returned to the customer;
  2. Parts Exchange Agreement (PXA) – A defective part is exchanged with a working part
Features PXA RTA
Parts coverage • Module cards
• System cards
• Module cards
• System cards
Parts turn around time Next business day 10 business day
Minimum orderable credits 5 5
Availability Asia and America China Only

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