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WireScope and FrameScope Licenses

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This product is no longer available

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FrameScope Pro Software Licenses

N2620A-030VoIP Quality of Service Test, standard SIP RFC 3261 signaling protocol
N2620A-031RFC 2544 Network Performance Test
N2620A-03EVoIP Quality of Service Test, SIP signaling protocol with STUN support
N2620A-03GVoIP Traffic Generation
N2620A-032VoIP Quality of Service Test, H.248
N2620A-070IPTV RTP Transport Statistics
N2620A-071IPTV RTP Transport Statistics, IPTV Transport Stream Statistics, MDI and Transaction Analysis

WireScope Pro Software Licenses

N2640A-010Professional Network Test License
N2643A-100Upgrade License for Category 6A/ F Cable Test, External Noise Measurement