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WireScope and FrameScope Accessories

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This product is no longer available

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Power Supply Accessories and Replacement Headset

N2620A-060Headset for WireScope and FrameScope
N2641A-135Removable Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery Pack, WireScope Pro
N2595A-096Rechargeable Battery Pack – FrameScope Pro only
N2620A-080Universal AC Power Adapter – FrameScope Pro & WireScope Pro only
N2605A-135Rechargeable Battery Pack – WireScope 350/FrameScope 350
E6080ANiMH Battery Pack for Mini-OTDR
N3985ABattery Pack (LiIon) for N3900A Modular Network Tester
0950-4250AC Power Supply for Mini-OTDR and N3900A MNT
N2596AAC Power Adapter for WireScope 350 and FrameScope 350

SmartProbes Pro for WireScope Pro

N2644A-100Category 6A Universal Channel SmartProbes (set of 2)
N2644A-101Category 6A Universal Permanent Link SmartProbes (set of 2)
N2644A-102Category 6A Cross-Cable Permanent Link SmartProbe
N2641A-300Class F Precision Calibration SmartProbe
N2644A-105Siemon Category 7 TERA Link SmartProbes (set of 2)
N2644A-104Siemon Category 7 TERA Channel SmartProbes (set of 2)
N2644A-106Nexans Category 7 Link SmartProbes (set of 2)
N2644A-107GG45 & ARJ45 Class F Channel SmartProbe
N2614A-001Wiremap Adapter – Used with the FS 350 or FS Pro option 040, adds wiremap testing capabilities
N2647MMDual-wavelength (850/1300nm) MM Fiber SmartProbe Pro Set w/ SC interface and cables
N2647SMDual-wavelength (1310/1550nm) SM Fiber SmartProbe Pro Set w/ SC interface and cables

SmartProbes for WireScope 350/ FrameScope 350

N2597A-030Dual-wavelength (850/1300nm) Multimode Fiber SmartProbe+ Kit
N2597A-040Dual-wavelength (1310/1550nm) Single Mode Fiber SmartProbe+ Kit
N2604A-100Keysight Category 6 Universal Channel SmartProbes – Set of 2
N2604A-101Keysight Category 6 Universal Permanent Link SmartProbes – Set of 2