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N9867A MAC Lever, Type VIII

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Catalog # Product Description Quantity Price
N9876A MAC Levers, Type IX, Si, nominal k of 0.95 10 Call or Email
Probe Value
Cantilever Shape Rectangular
Cantilever Material Silicon
Probe Tip Material Silicon
Cantilever Length (µm) 125 µm
Cantilever Width (µm) 35 µm
Cantilever Thickness (µm)  1000 nm
Force Constant (N/m) 0.3 N/m
Resonant Frequency Air 48 kHz
Resonant Frequency Water 13 kHz
Tip radius 8 nm

* Note: All values are nominal.

TYPE VIII MAC Levers are made from silicon. There is one rectangular AFM cantilever on each probe chip. TYPE VIII MAC Levers are particularly useful for imaging very soft biological samples in liquid as well as topography and recognition imaging using PicoTREC.

Recommended Applications: useful in various imaging applications in air or liquid, including, but not limited to block copolymer samples. MAC Levers, along with MAC Mode, offer the most precise AC mode control available and they provide a tremendous benefit over other AFM probes for imaging soft samples, especially in fluids. MAC Levers are compatible with other Keysight AFM accessories and options, including, but not limited to, environmental control, temperature control, electrochemical control, and Keysight’s standard liquid cell or the unique flow-through liquid cell.

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