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N9521A Multi-Purpose Scanners

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Scanner design facilitates imaging in ambient, controlled gas or fluid environment
  • Multiple AFM imaging modes with one scanner increases application versatility
  • Built-in viewing screen for laser spot enables easy alignment
  • Full compatibility with Keysight modular AFM/SPM microscopes offers simple upgrade path


Keysight's multi-purpose scanners deliver unsurpassed performance, versatility, and ease of use for atomic force microscopy. They are ideal for imaging in fluids or air and under controlled temperature and environmental conditions. To provide optimized scanning for a diverse set of applications, Keysight's multipurpose scanners are available in two scan ranges. Keysight's large scanner can scan areas up to 90μm x 90μm and its small scanner offers atomic resolution up to 9μm x 9μm These unique top-down scanners use interchangeable nose cones to enable users to switch imaging modes quickly and conveniently. To deliver high-resolution imaging results, a patented pendulum scanner design is utilized that eliminates artifacts in the image by keeping the relative position of the laser spot fixed in relation to the cantilever throughout the scan cycle.

Keysight offers two closed-loop scanners -- Z closed-loop and XYZ closed-loop.
The multi-purpose Z closed-loop is equipped with ultra precision position sensors to measure probe vertical displacement from the surface. The scanner maintains its modularity and controlled environment functionality. It offers superior linear scanning and accurate positioning of the probe. It also allows interchangeability.

The multi-purpose XYZ closed-loop scanner has accurate, low noise inductive position sensors to measure and control lateral probe displacement. The scanner unit applies a precise voltage to the scanner actuator to accurately move the probe to a predetermined position. The low-noise, closed-loop feedback scanner head provides optimum control over the position of the probe. The result is superior linearity of the scan, with none of the creep found in open-loop scanners. The Keysight closed-loop scanners enable very demanding advanced applications.