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EMPro 3D EM Simulation SoftwareThe W2406EP Compliance Element is an option to the Keysight Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Simulator that provides advanced regulatory testing algorithms for applications such as hearing aid compatibility (HAC) and specific absorption ratio (SAR).

Designers are not only challenged by technical requirements (multi-band, efficiency) but also by legal requirements (e.g. SAR, HAC). Further, many components close to the antenna (e.g. battery, camera) have a strong influence on the antenna system’s performance making it absolutely necessary to study the antenna inside the complete phone. The effect of real world interaction, such as the detuning of the antenna when the handset is close to the human body, must be considered very early in the design cycle.

Due to its robust meshing, FDTD is currently the main algorithm for designing such complex mobile phone antenna systems. The advanced post-processing enables designers to determine very early in the design cycle whether or not a mobile phone is in accordance with the required legal standards.