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U9890A New Enhanced NanoSuite 6.1 Software

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Test method for substrate-independent thin film materials
  • Set up standard batch of tests with 25+ samples in <5 min
  • Plot 2D graphs, export directly to Microsoft Excel
  • New data organization structure for sample files
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) compliance
  • Convenient PDF printer included


Keysight NanoSuite 6.1 is a premium-performance software package designed for use with Keysight Nano Indenter G200/G300 and T150 UTM systems. NanoSuite 6.1 gives researchers in scientific and industrial settings an unprecedented combination of speed, flexibility, and ease of use for nanoindentation and tensile testing.

NanoSuite 6.1 provides versatile imaging capabilities, an intuitive interface, a survey scanning option, and streamlined test method development. The package includes an exclusive method for substrate-independent measurements on thin film materials, new test methods for polymers, and improved scratch test methods, as well as a field-proven method for testing in compliance with ISO 14577.