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Key Features & Specifications

Key Features of the X-Parameter Generator include:

  • Multi-tone support
  • No limits on number of ports, power or frequency for applications including amplifier, mixers and transceivers with frequency conversion
  • Simulation of X-parameter models is now 20x faster than previous releases

Key Benefits of X-Parameters include:

Simulation speed up

  • Faster system simulation & verification than circuit-level models

Simulation accuracy

  • Unprecedented accuracy of non-linear behavior in phase and magnitude at all harmonics
  • Models can be cascaded, load pulled, and will account for mismatches
  • Fully functional behavioral models (IMD, mixing product, spurs, higher order harmonics, and directionality)

New method for IP sharing - both safe and highly efficient

  • Electronic Datasheet: replaces the data-intensive and labor-intensive, conventional datasheet creation with push button model generation
  • Consumer simply drags and drops model into design and instantly can simulate within a system design
  • Makes it possible to secure design wins, even before physical parts are available
  • Automatically provides IP Protection


The X-Parameter* Generator takes a circuit-level design and creates X-parameters which can be used in both Advanced Design System (ADS) and GoldenGate circuit simulators for Linear, Harmonic Balance or Circuit Envelope simulations. The X-Parameter Generator enables engineers and design houses to provide system designers or their end customers with pre-prototype models of their nonlinear devices (e.g. power amplifiers & power amplifier modules (PAMs), front-end modules (FEMs), and multiport devices such as mixers & transceivers) to further enable concurrent design and secure early design wins.

X-parameters can be obtained from the ADS or GoldenGate X-Parameter Generator or measured with Keysight’s PNA-X Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA) can be cascaded with other X-parameter models or circuit designs, and simulated with ADS 2006 and newer releases through a downloadable Design Kit. Supported customers can obtain the Design Kit by contacting Keysight EEsof EDA technical support. The design kit is not required in GoldenGate and ADS starting from ADS 2009 Update 1 with improved simulation speed (20x faster).

Keysight’s X-parameters represent a new category of nonlinear network parameters for high-frequency design and were developed and introduced by Keysight Technologies as functionality included in the Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA), and the Advanced Design System in 2008. X-parameters are applicable to both large-signal and small-signal conditions, and for linear and nonlinear components. X-parameters characterize the relative phase and amplitudes of harmonics generated by components under large input power levels at all ports. They correctly characterize impedance mismatches and frequency mixing behavior to allow accurate simulation of cascaded nonlinear X-parameter blocks, such as amplifiers and mixers in wireless design.

Keysight's X-parameter technology enables designers to capture the non-linear behavior of active components, in an IP protected format, and share them with RF & microwave system designers and integrators to fully characterize systems early in the design cycle, before hardware is fabricated.

X-parameters fulfill a long standing need from the high-frequency design community for nonlinear behavioral models that can be created from measurement or simulation with the same speed and convenience as the well known linear S-parameters. For more information on X-parameters, refer to:

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