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N5466A InfiniiVision Software Upgrade

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

Key Features & Specifications

Included features in the N5466A are:

  • Serial Lister - In addition to seeing decoded packet data on the bus waveform itself, you can view all captured packets in a listing view where the decode match the on-screen waveform data. Compatible with Segmented Memory Application – N5454A (opt SGM)
  • Sequence Triggering on the 5000 series. Arm on Event A, trigger on Event B, with option to reset on Event C or time delay.
  • FlexRay Eye Diagram Mask Testing (TP1 and TP4). Perform automatic pass/fail eye-diagram mask tests based on published FlexRay physical layer standards. Also requires the Mask Testing option (N5455A, or LMT) and the FlexRay decode and trigger option (N5432B, FR2, or predecessors).
  • FlexRay Event Triggering. Trigger on a Frame End Sequence. Also requires the FlexRay decode and trigger option (N5432B, FR2, or predecessors).
  • Measurement Statistics - Statistical data for enabled measurements such as mean, min, max, standard deviation and count
  • Waveform Tracking Cursors - Tracking Cursors provides an additional mode for cursor positioning beyond the current manual method. When cursor tracking is enabled, changing a cursor’s x-axis position results in the y-axis cursor tracking the corresponding y-axis (voltage, current, etc.) value.


The Keysight N5466A InfiniiVision Software Upgrade provides the latest features for your oscilloscope to save you valuable debug and validation time.