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E5720L Connection Manager Server

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available


E5720 Image

The Connection Manager Server greatly expands the Advanced Design System's (ADS) ability to connect and control Keysight instrumentation, and thus expands the Keysight Connected Solutions possible with ADS. For more information on Keysight's Connected Solutions, refer to Circuit Design & Test.

The Connection Manager can read data from, download data to, and control an instrument. It also includes functionality such as: automatic discovery of the instruments connected to it; a built-in swept power S-parameter application for creating behavioral models of an amplifier; the ability to connect to instruments from a UNIX computer; saving the Connection Manager configuration; and context sensitive help.

Note: While the Connection Manager Server software is downloaded seperately from ADS, the features and capability are now included in the W2200BP Advanced Design System (ADS) Core.

The Connection Manager consists of two parts: a client side, which is what the user interacts with and runs on UNIX or PC, and the Connection Manager Server.

The Connection Manager Server only runs on a PC, but the Connection Manager Client runs on all supported ADS platforms. The connection from this Connection Manager Server PC to the instruments can be via any connection available on a PC: LAN, firewire, serial port, USB, etc.

The Connection Manager Client is accessible from both the circuit and system simulators in ADS. The Connection Manager user interface is available from the circuit simulation tools in ADS and has several Measurement Panels to talk to Keysight’s Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, and Oscilloscopes. From the System Simulator, the Connection Manager provides high-speed links to Keysight’s Electronic Signal Generators, Performance Signal Generators, and Vector Signal Analyzers. The large data transfers generally involved when using an ESG, PSG or VSA are processed quickly using these links.

For more information, please visit Advanced Design System (ADS), an electronic design automation (EDA) software for RF, microwave and signal-integrity applications.